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Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Southern California

Having garbage disposal problems?  You can count on our garbage disposal services for fast, professional, and economical repairs and replacements.  With our customer-focus, we’ll answer all your questions and explain all your options.  Our 24/7 emergency service experts arrive at your home or business within 90 minutes, and you’ll have our workmanship and customer satisfaction guarantee.  We’ve been providing garbage disposal repair, garbage disposal installation, and general plumbing services for over 15 years. Renowned Plumbing provides affordable garbage disposal repair & replacement services to all Southern California Areas.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Garbage disposals are pretty robust, but they don’t last forever.  Especially if they’ve had to deal with the wrong types of food or a foreign object such as a fork, knife, or spoon.  The most common problems are jams and clogs, some of which you can take care of yourself.  For the rest, there are our disposal repair experts.  Here are a few symptoms and solutions.

  • Absolutely nothing happens when you turn it on. That’s most likely the result of a jam that’s tripped a house circuit breaker, blown a fuse, or triggered a built-in protection circuit.  Check your home’s “fuse box,” make sure the unit is turned off, then press the reset button on the disposal. You may have to wait for the motor to cool off before pushing the reset has any effect.
  • You hear a humming sound.  That’s the motor trying to turn, but the blades are jammed.  Unplug the disposal unit then try and clear the jam from above-using pliers (never put your hands into a garbage disposer, even one that’s “unplugged” — you may have pulled the wrong plug).  You can also try using the Allen wrench that came with the unit, rocking the motor back and forth until hopefully the jam is resolved.
  • Clogs usually require disconnecting the drain plumbing to clear.  Avoid using any type of drain cleaner.
  • Leaks can mean just tightening a connection or two, garbage disposal repairs involving replacing seals, or replacement installation.
  • Vibration or shaking usually means that the garbage disposal unit has to be reseated.

TIP:  Here’s a perhaps discouragingly long list of things that should not be put down a garbage disposal: bones, coffee grounds, fat, fruit pits, grease, seeds, and stringy foods such as potato skins and celery.  These various items tend to cause clogs, extra wear, and/or jams.

Our Garbage Disposal Services

We provide fast and thorough residential and commercial plumbing services, so your kitchen sink will soon be back to normal.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Our garbage disposal repair experts will quickly make the right diagnosis then appraise you of the best route forward.  Some repairs are an obvious decision, but others may not be not so clear.  For example, if a leak is coming from a drain connection, a repair is quick and inexpensive.  But if the body of the unit is leaking it may be better to replace the whole unit depending on its age and general condition.  It may be less expensive to replace a burned out motor, or less expensive to replace the entire disposer.  Replacing worn or damaged blades are usually inexpensive, but unfortunately not possible on most makes and models.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Depending on the exact problem and the condition of your disposal a new garbage disposal installation may be the best route forward.  That’s especially true if you have a “builder grade” model.  These inexpensive models are underpowered and prone to corrosion.  We’ll install one that lasts!  Quality brands include features such as stainless steel blades that stay sharp and suffer fewer clogs.  We’ll also help you choose the proper size (HP, or horsepower) based on the size of your family or the scale of your restaurant.  Sufficient power means a longer life with fewer repairs.

Fully licensed, insured and bonded Renowned Plumbing has over 15 years of experience.

We’re known for our on-time arrivals, particularly our 60-90 minute response times 24 hours a day as well as for our fast and polite plumbers that respect you and your property. Our customers also like that we don’t have added charges or higher rates for nights and weekends. And in most cases, we can give you a fixed price right up front. If there’s a cost-saving option, we’ll let you know about. Setting the highest standards for ourselves we have a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

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